Need an interpreter

Sometimes we need someone to help us yarn with our doctors and health team because we speak a traditional language they don’t understand. It is important for you and them to have an interpreter, so information that is shared is understood clearly and there is no confusion.

An interpreter can help doctors and your health team yarn with you, and help you yarn with them. Interpreters might be available in your area who speak your language. You should ask for an interpreter if you think having one will help you communicate with your doctor. 

Yarn with your doctor, nurse or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker if you need an interpreter. They will make the arrangements, book the interpreter and make pay the costs.

Find an interpreter in your state or territory

  • In the NT, the Aboriginal Interpreter Service covers Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and other Central Australian languages. You can call 1800 334 944.
  • In South Australia, ABC Multilingua covers Pitjantjatjara, Yankunyjatjara, Aranda (Arrente), Warlpiri, Alyawarra, Yolgnu Matha, Ngaanatjara and Luritja. You can call 08 8364 5255.
  • Aboriginal Interpreting WA has interpreters in more than 40 Western Australian languages for people all over Australia. You can call 1800 330 331

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