Treating cancer in our mob

Everyone’s treatment plan is different

Cancer is treated in many different ways and everyone’s cancer treatment plan is different. You can expect to experience things you may never have before in the health care system and our community care system along your cancer journey. 

There are many different ways of treating cancer

Some of these treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy and more. Our mob also use traditional healing, bush medicines, cultural practices, spending time on Country, Women’s Business and Men’s Business to treat cancer.

When you’re at the start of your cancer treatment journey, it can be confusing or overwhelming to think about what’s ahead. This section helps with information about what you might expect as you go through your treatment.  You may also like to visit the Where to go for help and support section and common cancer types section

Have a yarn with your doctor, nurse or Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health worker. They’ll be able to help you work out what’s best for you.

This website can help you to better understand your options for treatment: