Relationship is important to us mob - relationship with each other, Country, and our culture. Being diagnosed and treated for cancer can affect you, the people close to you and relationships that are important to you. Relationship with family, mob, Country and culture will keep you strong during your cancer journey. Relationships can provide the support needed and it is why people like your spouse or partner, parents, children, friends, community, people you work with and other people with cancer are important. 

It’s important that you get support from family and mob when you have cancer.

Not everyone feels able to talk to you about your cancer or might tend to stay away. Others might show a lot of support and understanding.

It can be hard to keep up relationships – you might be busy with treatment, you might have to move away for a while, and you might not be yourself.

Your family and friends care about you and want you to be well. It can help to talk with them, have a good yarn about what’s going on. Here are some tips before yarning about you and cancer:

  • think about who you want to have a yarn with – you don’t have to tell everyone, but it helps to yarn with some people about what’s going on
  • think about how much you want to tell them
  • be honest with them
  • be open with people really close to you
  • let people know how they can help you.

If you want more on yarning with others, have a look for help here.

There is a booklet for family and friends by the Cancer Council here.

Talking to kids

Our Talking to kids page give some tips on things that help and things that might not help in talking to kids about cancer.

Cancer in our mob


Where can I get help and support?