If the cancer comes back or won't go away

What if the cancer won't go away

For most of our mob diagnosed with early cancer, treatment can reduce the chances of the cancer coming back. But for some, the cancer can come back, even after having treatment.

Once cancer has spread to a different part of the body, it is called metastatic cancer or advanced cancer. Treatment for metastatic cancer is given to reduce the cancer size or symptoms and help you live longer. There are also times when treatment doesn’t work on the cancer, and it can continue to grow or spread.

Our mob who have had cancer say worrying about whether cancer will come back is one of hardest things on the cancer journey. They advise to get all the help you can because it makes you feel like you are not alone. 

There are people ready to walk your cancer journey with you. Ask at your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled health service or yarn with your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health worker or a hospital Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander social worker if they or someone else can sit down and have a yarn with you and your family.

Here are some links to information about what you might be going through: