Research and clinical trials for health professionals

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring Australia remains internationally competitive and at the forefront of research and discovery regarding cancer, its origins, treatment and the care of people affected by cancer.

This page provides information for clinicians and researchers about cancer research.

If you’re a clinician

You’ll find that some of your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer patients are amenable to being part of a clinical trial.

You can find what clinical trials are available for patients to join at or at the Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry

If you want to help your patient think about joining a trial, Cancer Australia has a question prompt list on ”Should I consider joining a clinical trial?” and ”Should I consider joining this clinical trial?“. 

If you’re a researcher

Researchers are ethically obliged to carry out their research in accordance with: 

It is considered best practice for all research that involves Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to establish an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group, which provides leadership on how to conduct the research in ethical, culturally safe ways. 

For information about research with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, particularly led by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander experts, see The Lowitja Institute

Life with and after cancer


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