What to do if I think one of my mob has cancer?

What to do if I think one of my mob has cancer

You might have seen that one of your mob is sick. They might be coughing a lot, or losing weight, tired, lacking energy or in pain. You feel something’s not right with them, and that they should get it checked out.

It’s important that you yarn with them about how you feel, the changes you have noticed and see if you can be any help.

The best thing to do is see if they’ll go to a doctor, a nurse or an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health worker.

You can ask, “Can I help make the doctor appointment for you?” or “Do you want me to go with you to see the doctor?”  

Doctors, nurses and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health care workers will ask some questions so they see what the problem is. They’ll answer questions too. That’s all part of their job and they will be used to it.

They might want to do a physical examination of your loved one and perhaps some tests. Blood tests, X-rays and other scans will help them work out what’s going on.

It’s a loving thing to do, to say that you are worried, and you care. You can say “I’d rather tell you than not just in case something is wrong”. It’s much easier to treat cancer if it’s found early. We all help have a part to play, looking out for each other and taking care of our mob.

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