Cancer Australia Artwork: ‘Hope & Healing for Country’

This artwork is based on looking at Country and Culture on a cellular level and how when we Listen to Country and when we look after Country, we in turn are Healed.

We are all connected through Country, Culture, Community and one another.

Riki Salam

Born and raised in Cairns on Yidindji land, Riki has connections to Muralag, Kala Lagaw Ya, Meriam Mer, Kuku Yalanji peoples on his father’s side and the Ngai Tahu people in the South Island of New Zealand on his mother’s side. Riki is an artist and graphic designer and is the digital designer of the Our Mob and Cancer website.

Jordan Lovegrove

Jordan Lovegrove is a Ngarrindjeri artist who creates artworks for Dreamtime Creative’s clients

He created the beautiful and symbolic ‘Our Journeys’ artwork for Cancer Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brand, and has illustrated a number of Cancer Australia’s resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about cancer.